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Comment modifier les informations d'une page ?

Vous souhaitez modifier les informations de votre page ? Voici les étapes à suivre :

First step

  • Go to the My pages tab.

  • Click the button of the page you want to edit.

  • Once in the editor of your page, click on the button in the Information section.

  • A form will open, which allows you to modify several pieces of information:

    • The name of your page (it will appear at the top of your link).
    • The quick access link that allows users to quickly access your site.
    • The visibility allows you to say if your page should appear in the Explorer (you can change this once you have added links to your page).
    • Borders add a spacing between your links.
    • The number of columns determines the number of links to display on a line (1, 2 or 3).
    • The description allows a better referencing of your page.
  • Once you have set your preferences you can click on the button.

Edit a page on TinyLink