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How to leave a page?

You would like to leave your page? Here are the steps to follow:

First step

Irreversible action

  • Go to the My pages tab.

  • Click the button of the page you want to leave.

  • Once in your page editor scroll down to the Users section then mouse over the button next to your name and click on the button.

  • A confirmation pop-up will open.

    Please note that if you are the owner of the page and you leave it without any collaborators, your page will be deleted and all the data it contains will be deleted.

    • Your page.
    • Your links (redirection and images).
    • Statistics (views, clicks, shares etc).
    • Your sharing link and your QR codes will not work anymore.
    • Your collaborators will no longer have access to your page.

    If you are the owner of the page, you leave it and there are collaborators on your page, it will be assigned to one of the collaborators who will become the owner.

  • To validate the exit of your page, click on the button.

Leave a page on TinyLink